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Vision Statement

"Equipping the next generation with wisdom, knowledge and character to impact their world for Christ with servants’ hearts."


Mission Statement

“To partner with the Christian home and church in the training of children, maximizing their potential to lead Christian lives according to biblical standards."


Core Values:

1. Priority: We believe that God and His Word should prevail at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, and should be interwoven throughout the fabric of the entire learning process.

2. Program: We believe that an exemplary and challenging academic program should prevail at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy and we believe that strong performing arts and athletic programs enhance a strong academic program.

3. Protection: We believe that spiritual, emotional, and physical safety should prevail for each and every child at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy.

4. Purpose: We believe that the nurture of Christian character and wisdom should be careful, constant, and consistent for each and every child at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy. We strive to have an environment that offers a proper display of grace and truth in all we do.

5. Partnership: We believe that Trinity Oaks Christian Academy should cultivate and display a culture of biblical faith, hope, love, and joy that encourages active parental involvement and a mutual partnership with local churches.

6. Professionalism: We believe that effective Christian ministry naturally flows from mature, caring, and qualified people.

7. Prayer: We believe that our interaction with one another should be modeled by the character and life of Jesus Christ. We believe that genuine prayer is central to the health of Trinity Oaks Christian Academy.