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Excitable, inquisitive, creative, eager to explore, energetic, dramatic changes, and enthusiastic! These are a few of the characteristics of the typical junior high student. Sensitive to these characteristics the highly-qualified teaching staff of Trinity Oaks Junior High appropriately challenge and encourage each student to discover and develop his/her God-given gifts and abilities.  

This is a time of transition from self-contained elementary classrooms to a more departmental approach. The program at Trinity Oaks strives to meet the unique opportunities of this special time in a student's life by providing a caring environment to nurture young adolescents through these formative years. Responsibilities and independent work increase as well as opportunities to socialize and bond as a junior high student body.

The curriculum reinforces the basics of the elementary program and prepares students for the rigors of high school academics. Math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education and Bible are taught at each grade level. Advanced courses in math are also offered. Along with the academic core subjects listed above students also study music, art, and technology.

In addition to academic preparation, students have ample opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities in a variety of sports, music programs, and leadership opportunities.

The academic excellence of our program can be seen in test scores as the average junior high student at Trinity Oaks scores at or above the 90th percentile at each grade level on nationally normed standardized tests. Academically, the Trinity Oaks junior high provides an excellent, stimulating educational environment which prepares students for a highly successful high school experience. 

Students undergo dramatic physical, social, emotional, and cognitive changes throughout their junior high years. As a way to be sensitive to these changes, Trinity Oaks endeavors to provide a student-centered environment staffed with caring, Christian teachers. We consider it a privilege and great responsibility to walk alongside our students and their parents for these 3 years, as they navigate the often turbulent waters that come with the passage from childhood into early adolescence.

Prospective students are encouraged to spend a day shadowing a current student. Shadow days are scheduled and coordinated by our Director of Admissions.