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Trinity Oaks Christian Academy Philosophy of School Disciplines - Technology

In order to be effective communicators in an increasingly global community and to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28), Trinity Oaks Christian Academy seeks to prepare and equip students to communicate in a world that is ever-growing in its reliance upon technology.  Through exposure to keyboarding and current computer applications, Trinity Oaks will focus on responsible, discerning, and God-honoring use of technology.  As technological advances bring the world into closer communication, students will be introduced to the responsibility of using technology as a means of spreading the Gospel and ministering to others.

Trinity Oaks Christian Academy Global Objectives - Technology

  1. To achieve a superior level in the skill of keyboarding.
  2. To understand the responsible, God-honoring use of current technologies.
  3. To have a working, grade-appropriate understanding of terms and equipment used in current technology.
  4. To have exposure to an increasing variety of electronic resources and researching skills.
  5. To develop an ability to communicate effectively with current technologies.
  6. To use these skills to share the love of Christ in the home, community, and workplace.