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Music at Trinity Oaks

General Music

Integrated with a Biblical worldview, elementary general music (preschool through fifth grade) offers a biweekly interactive approach to the introduction and development of basic musical skills in concepts of melody, rhythm, form, texture/harmony, expression, and timbre.  All these abilities, along with Biblical truths, are reinforced through the preparation and performance of faith-based lower and upper elementary musicals.  Upper elementary also strengthens comprehension of this material through a differentiated recorder unit. Vocal exploration and movement to music are strongly emphasized in order to support skills of melody and rhythm.  Progression of healthy vocal development is stressed as students discover and develop their singing voices.

Junior high general music classes build upon advanced musical skills in order to foster a deeper appreciation for God’s gift of music entrusted to us.  By examining careers in music along with analyzing a variety of music genres, students apply music to their daily lives and realize the effect music has upon them as individuals and their current generation as a whole.  Studying the history of music, composers, and musicians, students discover the historical context of music and how these roots influence contemporary music.  By exploring American music and its influences, students recognize the diversity and history of popular music in America.


Our secondary choir is open to students in grades 6 -12. The choir at Trinity Oaks is designed to encourage students to develop their musical abilities through singing in a choral setting.  Through intentionality and Biblical integration, students will gain greater understanding and skill in the areas of harmonic value, pitch, tone, sight-singing, ear training, and communicating biblical principles through the art of vocal music.  Ultimately, through singing in a group of peers, participating in instruction and creating music together, students will have the opportunity to build into something which is greater than any individual can create by his or her own effort, which is the beautiful process of creating choral music all for the praise and glory of God.


String Orchestra

Trinity Oaks offers a co-curricular string orchestra program in which students entering grades four through twelve may choose to play violin, viola, or cello.  Orchestra members participate in weekly rehearsals before school and ability-based sectionals during the school day.  Along with learning the techniques required to play a string instrument, orchestra members also grow in the music theory skills necessary to develop into successful musicians.  In addition to nurturing musicianship, the string orchestra program provides the opportunity for students to develop discipline, improve concentration, increase dexterity, express emotions, boost self-esteem, build relationships, foster teamwork, advance academics, and worship God.  The highest goal of the program is to cultivate musicians who use their musical gifts to glorify the Lord.


Visual Arts at trinity Oaks

The Visual Arts at Trinity Oaks Christian Academy (K-12th grade) assists the student in the development and progression of taking an idea and producing an art piece that communicates and portrays their concept using various techniques. Lessons focus on famous works of art from various time periods, to formulate an understanding of elements, techniques, symbolism and styles used to communicate a message within a 2-dimensional piece. Through the use of warm-ups, sketches, pre-compositions and critiques, each student works through the developmental process from concept to final product. Throughout the visual art program at Trinity Oaks, a variety of media (charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, ink, acrylics and pastels) and shading techniques (blending, hatching, cross-hatching, pointillism, etc.) are studied and practiced. Students build their art skills through the use of these various media and shading techniques. Because we incorporate a Biblical worldview into all content areas, students are able to view both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art through a Biblical lens. Ultimately, the art classes at Trinity Oaks challenge students of all ages to see, appreciate, and produce art that reflects the creativity of God.


drama club at trinity oaks

Our high school drama program is open to students in grades 9-12. The program is designed to teach students about the theatrical arts. Our program allows students to build a complete production, whether it is performing on stage, working backstage in a production assistant role, or in a technical role, learning and developing skills in sound, lighting and set design. Our program is designed to walk students through the steps of a full production from the beginning with the basics of script selection and culminating in shows in the Fall and Spring. The drama program fosters an environment where students are encouraged to discover their God-given talents in the theatrical arts, whether they are on stage or in the wings.