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The Arts

Music at Trinity Oaks


Philosophy of Music at Trinity Oaks

God has endowed us with the gift of music which allows us to connect with Him and communicate with others.  As followers of Christ, we are called by God to use this gift to worship Him (Psalm 105:1-2), express our thankfulness to Him (Psalm 92:1-4), and teach others about Him (Colossians 3:16; Psalm 107:22).  Since music transcends generations and cultures, we are given the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God’s creation just as music reveals to us the character of God (Zephaniah 3:17) as the first and ultimate Creator (John 1:3).  Furthermore, music offers us a glimpse, beyond God’s earthly creation, into His universe and heavenly realms (Revelation 14:2-3).  God designed music as a form of expression so that we ourselves may create and emotionally connect with music (1 Samuel 16:23). Through skillfully (Psalm 33:2-3) creating, performing, listening to, and analyzing music, the aim of the Trinity Oaks music program is to develop an understanding of and appreciation for a variety of music genres and concepts so that we may maximize the musical abilities God has bestowed upon us to best honor Him (Colossians 3:23).

General Music

Integrated with a Biblical worldview, elementary general music (preschool through fifth grade) offers a biweekly interactive approach to the introduction and development of basic musical skills in concepts of melody, rhythm, form, texture/harmony, expression, and timbre.  All these abilities, along with Biblical truths, are reinforced through the preparation and performance of faith-based lower and upper elementary musicals.  Upper elementary also strengthens comprehension of this material through a differentiated recorder unit. Vocal exploration and movement to music are strongly emphasized in order to support skills of melody and rhythm.  Progression of healthy vocal development is stressed as students discover and develop their singing voices.

Junior high general music classes build upon advanced musical skills in order to foster a deeper appreciation for God’s gift of music entrusted to us.  By examining careers in music along with analyzing a variety of music genres, students apply music to their daily lives and realize the effect music has upon them as individuals and their current generation as a whole.  Studying the history of music, composers, and musicians, students discover the historical context of music and how these roots influence contemporary music.  By exploring American music and its influences, students recognize the diversity and history of popular music in America.

String Orchestra

Trinity Oaks offers a co-curricular string orchestra program in which students entering grades four through twelve may choose to play violin, viola, or cello.  Orchestra members participate in weekly rehearsals before school and ability-based sectionals during the school day.  Along with learning the techniques required to play a string instrument, orchestra members also grow in the music theory skills necessary to develop into successful musicians.  In addition to nurturing musicianship, the string orchestra program provides the opportunity for students to develop discipline, improve concentration, increase dexterity, express emotions, boost self-esteem, build relationships, foster teamwork, advance academics, and worship God.  The highest goal of the program is to cultivate musicians who use their musical gifts to glorify the Lord.


Music Education Services offers our students at Trinity Oaks an opportunity to join our school band program. Band is a great choice for both advanced musicians and newcomers to music making. Beginning classes consist almost entirely of students with no prior band experience!

Playing an instrument gives your child a worthwhile activity, and provides something artistic to do during leisure time. A student who learns to play a musical instrument not only develops discipline and cooperation, but also enjoys creativity and success through his or her own efforts. Moreover, recent university research has demonstrated that playing an instrument is directly linked to improved test scores.

The instruments your child can explore further in the band program are listed below.

Alto Sax
Drums and Bells

This is an excellent chance for your child to participate in a truly worthwhile, broadening, musical experience. For more information about Music Education Services please visit there website: