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Trinity Oaks Christian Academy is committed to partnering with your family to make Christian education affordable.

While Trinity Oaks is committed to keeping tuition rates as reasonable as possible, we understand this is not affordable for every family. Trinity Oaks is committed to helping families at all income levels. We invite families to apply for financial aid based on their financial circumstances. If families qualify for financial aid, they receive assistance through a tuition reduction.

Two Ways to Receive Aid

Trinity Oaks offers need-based financial aid through two separate programs. Which program your financial aid package comes from is determined through a comprehensive evaluation of your financial health. The amount of aid available on a given year is dependent upon the number of applicants and available funds.

FACTS Grant & Aid

Families may complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application at any time during the admissions & re-enrollment process. For more details or to begin the process, click HERE.

Invest in Kids Act

The Invest in Kids Act provides private school scholarship opportunities for qualified families. We are partnering with Children’s Tuition Fund as another way to make private Christian school affordable to families. In order to apply for these scholarships, you will need to fill out an additional application, HERE.