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Invest in Kids Act

Illinois passed the Invest In Kids Act in 2018. Illinois taxpayers are able to make contributions to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) and receive a 75% income tax credit. 95% of these contributions are then designated by the contributor to private schools, such as Trinity Oaks. Trinity Oaks is partnering with Children’s Tuition Fund to act as their SGO for processing and providing scholarships for qualifying K-12 students. If your family’s income level is at or below the 300% poverty level, you may qualify for a scholarship through the Invest In Kids Act. These scholarships do require additional steps to the financial aid application process, but we want to make the process as easy as possible for your family. 

APPLY FOR Children’s Tuition Fund  

Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF) Application Process

Tax credit scholarships applications are currently not open for the 2023-2024 school year — application process opens January 2023. 

1. Apply for a scholarship through the student application on CTF's website. 
2. Apply for tuition assistance through FACTS. Make sure to check Children’s Tuition Fund-Illinois when selecting Schools & Organizations in Section One of your application form.
3. CTF reviews scholarship applications based on the order they were received and in compliance with state guidelines.
4. If it is determined that you would qualify for funding, CTF will reach out with the next steps.
5. If contacted by CTF, complete third-party financial vetting process.
6. If it is determined that you are eligible for a scholarship, CTF will notify you via email of your award and work with your school to send funds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to apply in FACTS Grant & Aid if my family’s financial aid award comes from a Scholarship Granting Organization (Children’s Tuition Fund)? Do I have to complete BOTH applications?

We require families to complete both applications to ensure the best possible financial aid award for your family. In the event that more families apply for tax-credit scholarships than funds available, your family’s completed FACTS Grant & Aid application will allow our Financial Aid Committee to immediately explore other avenues of funding. Additionally, the pre-screening process by Children’s Tuition Fund is made possible through your completed FACTS Grant & Aid application.

I received a tax credit scholarship from Children’s Tuition Fund in the past, is that funding still available?

You will need to complete the applications each year to qualify, but as a returning tax credit scholarship receiver you will be elevated to the top of the application list. 

What happens if I apply late?

The scholarships granted through Children’s Tuition Fund are a first come, first-serve basis with returning scholarship recipients at the front. We encourage you to apply as early as you are able.

What if I don’t qualify for an Invest in Kids Act Scholarship?

Trinity Oaks is committed to partnering with your family to make Christian education affordable. If you do not qualify for a Tax Credit Scholarship, you may still be eligible for an award through FACTS Grant & Aid.