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Clubs and Activities

Academic Clubs

Literary Society

The Literary Society is a student-created literary critique and appreciation club for high schoolers wanting to dig deeply into classic literature. The Society has taken on such classics as The Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, and significant works by authors including Steinbeck, C.S. Lewis, and Shakespeare. The Society provides opportunities for members to choose a book, read and understand it, and ultimately engage in spirited discussion of all aspects of the work from a Biblical worldview, guided by a faculty sponsor. The Society’s discussions are deep, thoughtful, and encouraging of insight and legitimate critique.  Members share opinions, ask and answer questions, and reach conclusions about the literature being discussed. The Literary Society provides members fellowship and affinity with others who love literature; the tea and snacks are great too!

Speech and Debate

Survey after survey ranks “public speaking” as a significant fear for most people; but the power and importance of effective public communication cannot be denied.  We are here to help!  The Speech and Debate Club is designed to identify and develop members’ skills in the areas of public speaking, issue-spotting, logic and fallacies, the construction of effective arguments, and effective persuasion. We create an environment for members at all levels of gifting to increase confidence in speech writing, public address, and defense-of-position. Members will gain confidence in formal and informal debate, including logical thinking, argument construction, and extemporaneous/improvisational response.  As a bonus, members will naturally develop skills in effective note-taking, outlining and researching – all necessary tools for intra-school speech and debate competition. Recently the Speech and Debate Club embarked on a Mock Trial program, designed to introduce every aspect of courtroom practice and procedure, culminating in a full student-led trial adjudicated by a sitting judge or a student jury. Most importantly, the club and its volunteer facilitators strive to teach the importance of developing and using our communication skills to bring glory to God.


The yearbook club meets after school and gives students a working knowledge and practical application of the yearbook program. Students plan, organize, design, and produce the school yearbook utilizing the following:  creating a ladder diagram, applying graphic design principles, creation of custom layout designs, identifying a production schedule, developing photographic skills, and growing in communication as well as leadership. This club is open to high school students and can be taken for course credit.

Arts Activities

Art Club

Art Club is an after school club where students will be able to bring out their inner artist.  Students will be strengthening their skills and knowledge of art. They will learn how to use different mediums and how to express certain ideas with the different mediums. There will be themes the students will choose from and have the freedom to create their own style based on the theme they choose.  It will also be a place to make a new friend!  Art Club is open to students in grades 4 through 12.

Drama Club

Our high school drama program is open to students in grades 9-12. The program is designed to teach students about the theatrical arts. Our program allows students to build a complete production whether it is performing on stage, working backstage in a production assistant role, or in a technical role learning and developing skills in sound, lighting and set design. Our program is designed to walk students through the steps of a full production from the beginning with the basics of script selection and culminating in shows in the Fall and Spring. The drama program fosters an environment where students are encouraged to discover their God-given talents in theatrical arts whether they are on stage or in the wings.

Athletic Clubs

Intramural Basketball

Intramural basketball is a fun, instructional  program for boys and girls in 1st – 4th grades.  This after school program runs for six weeks in the spring.  Players will be taught the basics of basketball, participate in fun drills, and play against each other in organized games each week.

Leadership Clubs

Huskies in Action (HIA)

The Trinity Oaks Huskies in Action Team is comprised of high school and junior high students who meet the criteria for selection and serve our school and community with servants’ hearts in the following ways.

Students serve TOCA and our community by:
  • Planning and implementing service outreach opportunities for our school
  • Picking up trash/raking leaves/school ground clean up
  • Changing bulletin boards as needed
  • Assisting Dr. Wrobbel on projects around the school
  • Assisting teachers in the classroom as part of the H.I.A program
Students demonstrate leadership in the TOCA community by:
  • Assisting with Honors Convocations and Grandparent’s Day
  • Assisting teachers within HOUSE meetings
Students act in a public relations capacity for our TOCA community by:
  • Assisting in Admissions Open Houses
  • Conducting tours for prospective attendees and their parents
  • Acting as hosts and hostesses for Grandparent’s Day
  • Acting as hosts and hostesses for local area fundraising events within the community
Students act as peer models within the TOCA community by:
  • Acting in an accountability role to their fellow peers in the area of spiritual and moral integrity by challenging them in areas that break down our community
  • Encouraging and supporting struggling students