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Equipping the next generation to impact the world for Christ

Welcome to TOCA

Trinity Oaks Christian Academy is a place of inquiry and discovery, a place where lifelong learning can be cultivated within the heart and mind of each student. Trinity Oaks Christian Academy offers a well-rounded and distinctly evangelical educational program with clear and strong continuity from preschool through high school.



We are delighted to share that our 2016 spring median total score for the school (grades 2-8) was in the 91st percentile!  Scoring in the 91st percentile means that Trinity Oaks students scored in the top ten percent of all students who took the TerraNova 3 test. Our students are in the "outstanding" range of test takers.  These distinguished test scores reflect the high caliber of TOCA students and faculty, and the exceptional quality of teaching and learning that goes on here at Trinity Oaks.

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