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Admissions Process

You are invited to experience what makes TOCA so special throughout the Admissions process. 

Our step by step admissions process is as follows:
  1. Inquire
    Submit your inquiry form so we can get to know you and your desires for your child's education.  INQUIRE NOW
  2. Visit
    We want to get to know you; additionally, we want you to get to know TOCA. Schedule a tour and interview by calling the Admissions Office at 847-462-5971 ext. 406 or email 
  3. Apply
    Follow this link to begin your application. Transcripts, recent report cards, standardized test scores and Pastoral Reference Form must be submitted concurrently with the online application.
  4. Student Visit - Shadow Day
    Applicants (elementary and older) are encouraged to spend a day visiting with their current grade level peers to experience TOCA's learning environment.
  5. Testing
    Upon receiving a submitted application, the Admissions office will arrange and schedule all developmental readiness assessments for Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade. Achievement assessments for grades 3 - 12 will also be scheduled by the Admissions office.
  6. Parent Interview
    Parents are scheduled for their interview with the Head of School after all of the above criteria have been met. Students in grades 6-12 are required to attend this interview alongside their parents.
  7. Admissions Decisions
    Parents receive admissions decisions by email generally within two weeks of the completion of the file.
  8. Enroll
    A link to an online enrollment packet will be included in your acceptance email. We must receive your online enrollment packet within two weeks of the offer to secure your spot.