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Junior High

Junior High is a time of great emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Students begin to own their academic work, and learn that school requires active engagement, and not just something that is “done to them.” This is a time of transition from self-contained elementary classrooms to a more departmental approach. The program at Trinity Oaks strives to meet the unique opportunities of this special time in a student’s life by providing a caring environment to nurture young adolescents through these formative years. Responsibilities and independent work increase as well as opportunities to socialize and bond as a junior high student body.

At TOCA, God’s Word is interwoven throughout the fabric of the entire learning process. Content taught through the lens of scripture is at the core of our programs and spreads throughout all other aspects of school life helping our students grow in wisdom, knowledge, and character. Our co-curricular programs offer numerous opportunities to play, compete, sing, shout and ultimately learn the valuable lessons of leadership, followership, and sportsmanship.  

Our junior high teachers are truly called to work with this age group, understanding and nurturing the development of their students. Be it engaging students in an active class discussion, coaching them on the court, guiding them through a project, or dressing up right along with them for spirit week, our staff creates a culture where your student will be able to thrive and prosper during some of the most formative years of their lives.  

We consider it a privilege and great responsibility to walk alongside our students and their parents during these three years, as they navigate the often-turbulent waters that come with the passage from childhood into early adolescence. 

In the words of TOCA Alumni:

The small classes allowed the teachers to really get to know me – teachers that cared about my overall well-being and my faith, with a desire to do everything they could to come alongside me on my journey. 

In the words of TOCA Alumni:

TOCA provided a super solid foundation biblically by instilling us with Bible verses. I still carry the memory verses with me today as constant encouragement.