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  Name Title Group Contact
Kimberly Alvarez Alvarez, Kimberly Jr. High and High School English Teacher 847-462-5971
Jessica Bartucci Bartucci, Jessica Fourth Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Aisha Bencriscutto Bencriscutto, Aisha Executive Administrative Assistant 847-462-5971
Kristi Bicknese Bicknese, Kristi Bible Teacher 847-462-5971
Pamela Blodgett Blodgett, Pamela Reading Support 847-462-5971
Kira Boerman Boerman, Kira Orchestra Teacher 847-462-5971
Erin Bonner Bonner, Erin Kindergarten Teacher 847-462-5971
Brittany Brooke Brooke, Brittany High School Math Teacher 847-462-5971
Sarah Carlson Carlson, Sarah Third Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Sarah Carter Carter, Sarah Second Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Terri Craig Craig, Terri Lunch Staff 847-462-5971
Karen Curtis Curtis, Karen Prekindergarten Teacher 847-462-5971
Matthew Dalgaard Dalgaard, Matthew High School & Jr. High History 847-462-5971
Gwyn Fletcher Fletcher, Gwyn High School Math Teacher 847-462-5971
Sophie Floden Floden, Sophie Music Teacher 847-462-5971
Logan Fraser Fraser, Logan Secondary English Teacher 847-462-5971
Jennifer Grimes Grimes, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher 586-709-3207
Laurel Gustafson Gustafson, Laurel First Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Katherine Haslow Haslow, Katherine Bookkeeper 847-462-5971
Angela Hasse Hasse, Angela Fifth Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Erin Horstman Horstman, Erin Athletic Director
Ann Irwin Irwin, Ann Third Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Heidi Junge Junge, Heidi STEM 847-462-5971
Mary Beth Kitchen Kitchen, Mary Beth Office Staff 847-462-5971
Jacquelin Kooienga Kooienga, Jacquelin Fourth Grade Teacher 847-462-5971
Volunteer Library Library, Volunteer Librarian
Peg Losey Losey, Peg Office Manager 847-462-5971
Anna Louise Louise, Anna
Stacy Marrano Marrano, Stacy Jr. High Math Teacher 847-462-5971
Lynn McCarrell McCarrell, Lynn Band Instructor 847-462-5971
Shelly McCarthy McCarthy, Shelly Drama Club 847-462-5971
Heather Modica Modica, Heather Secondary English Teacher 847-462-5971
Michelle Morgan Morgan, Michelle Preschool Teacher 847-462-5971
David Mork Mork, David Dean of Students and Faculty 847-462-5971
Danae O'Connor O'Connor, Danae High School Teacher 847-462-5971
Sarah Pabbathi Pabbathi, Sarah Teacher Aide 847-462-5971
Catherine Pecoraro Pecoraro, Catherine High School Science Teacher 847-462-5971
Corryn Petrovich Petrovich, Corryn Office Staff 847-462-5971
Carrie Raeside Raeside, Carrie Director of Admissions 847-462-5971
Prudence Rowe Rowe, Prudence Teacher Aide 847-462-5971
Ann Ruvalcaba Ruvalcaba, Ann Jr. High Language Arts 847-462-5971
Gabrielle Schuessler Schuessler, Gabrielle Lunchroom Staff 847-462-5971
Lauren Schulz Schulz, Lauren Teacher Aide 847-462-5971
Aaron Searles Searles, Aaron High School Bible Teacher 847-462-5971
Crystal Senyshyn Senyshyn, Crystal Teacher Aide 847-462-5971
Gabriela Serrato Serrato, Gabriela Kindergarten Teacher 847-462-5971
Lori Towns Towns, Lori Teacher Aide 847-462-5971
Jennifer Turman Turman, Jennifer Art Teacher 847-462-5971
Jennifer Vogelsberg Vogelsberg, Jennifer High School Spanish Teacher 847-462-5971
Bill Walkiewicz Walkiewicz, Bill Technology Teacher 847-462-5971
Mike Warren Warren, Mike PE Teacher 847-462-5971
Bonnie Weidner Weidner, Bonnie Lunch Supervisor 847-462-5971
Ann Wessley-Polcik Wessley-Polcik, Ann NILD 847-462-5971
Laurie Wilkins Wilkins, Laurie Lunchroom 847-462-5971
Paul Wrobbel Wrobbel, Paul Head of School 847-462-5971

In Parents' Words:

The teachers at TOCA are fully engaged with the students and are dedicated to the balanced development of students. The small class size fosters individual attention and we have benefited greatly from this focus during our children’s formative years.  

Having my children immersed in an environment where they can learn and grow in faith while excelling academically has been terrific, but the encouragement and love my children and I receive from all the TOCA staff and TOCA community has been an amazing experience for me and my boys.