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Our secondary choir is open to students in grades 7-12. The choir at Trinity Oaks is designed to encourage students to develop their musical abilities through singing in a choral setting. Students will gain greater understanding and skill in the areas of harmonic value, pitch, tone, sight-singing, ear training, and communicating biblical principles through the art of vocal music. Through singing in a group of peers, participating in instruction and creating music together, students will have the opportunity to build into something which is greater than any individual can create by his or her own effort, which is the beautiful process of creating choral music all for the praise and glory of God. 


This premier ensemble debuted in its inaugural season during the 2023-2024 school year. TOCA’s newest musical endeavor includes performances throughout the Christmas season and is forging a legacy of choral excellence. 

Elementary Musicals

Elementary students get a chance to shine on stage and in the chorus during our two musical presentations that are put on each school year. Our students enjoy the entire process of learning the songs and the lines to dress rehearsals, costumes, and performances. However, the best part of these presentations is that the children can share the gospel and the love of our Heavenly Father through song.