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Of the many facets of the Trinity Oaks experience, “community” is the one most treasured and talked about among students, parents, and faculty.

The community at Trinity Oaks values partnership, purposeful actions and strong personal relationships. Relationships with our school community run deep and wide, leaving a lasting legacy in our lives.

Trinity Oaks Christian Academy is unique in that we are a preschool through high school housed in one building. Older students regularly mingle with our younger students through our unique House System, as well as through reading buddies, elementary teacher aiding and peer tutoring. Our youngest to our oldest students are exposed to our strong community through many all-school events. Students can be athletes, musicians, actors, and scholars, or any combination of those, united in support of one another’s pursuits. It’s not only the students that build lifelong relationships, but also the parents through our frequent and purposeful community-building events.  

As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Our community of administrators, teachers, coaches, staff, classmates and fellow parents surround your child with love and encouragement as they develop into the person God has created them to be.

The best way to get a glimpse of this community experience is by visiting – we’d love to meet you! 

In Parents' Words:

This Christ-centered approach to education, while fabulous, isn’t even the most important thing our children take away from TOCA. You see, when our children walk through the doors of their school every day, they are surrounded by the body of Christ.