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Trinity Oaks Christian Academy in Cary, Illinois


Trinity Oaks Christian Academy is committed to a vigorously academic course of study that is an outgrowth of our vision and mission statements, our Christian philosophy of education, and our core learning objectives for each subject area.

Believing that each student is created in the image of God, has infinite value and worth, and is uniquely gifted by God is at the core of our educational philosophy. We must train and equip children in a way that encourages them to reach their God-given potential by allowing them to explore, discover and develop their talents, gifts and abilities for a lifetime of service for Christ. We invite you to see how the life of the mind is encouraged and sustained at Trinity Oaks.

The academic program is brought to life by qualified and professional faculty members who are committed to developing rigorous thinkers with a solid foundation of Biblical values.

A regular review cycle has been implemented in order to maintain our vigorous academic program. This review cycle includes; the review of content goals and objectives; the horizontal and vertical articulation of those goals and objectives from PreK through High School; and the curricular resources used to accomplish these goals and objectives.  

Please visit the various divisions and departments at Trinity Oaks by using the navigational links on the right.