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Biblical Worldview

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). We believe the way to life is contained in the Holy Scriptures. The integration of Truth leads students into the Way and the Life (John 15:1-10, John 3:16-21).

As a school deeply rooted in Christ, we seek to impress upon our students the understanding that all truth is God’s truth, and we desire that a relentless pursuit of the truth becomes a daily reality. We seek to plant and nourish the seeds of Truth that begin to take root and sprout during this time. Students are challenged to own their own faith, to question things, to wrestle, to debate, and ultimately be brought to an understanding that the God of the Universe created them, loves them, and wants a relationship with them.

God has blessed us with His Words, the Bible (Psalm 119). As students incorporate biblical truth into all other areas of the curriculum and their daily lives (Romans 8:28-29, Romans 12:1-2), they will be prepared to discover their gifts and further God’s kingdom, sharing His message of hope with the world (Philippians 4:8, John 10:16).

Trinity Oaks is not a private school that teaches religion. At TOCA, God’s Word is interwoven throughout the fabric of the entire learning process. Content taught through the lens of Scripture is at the core of our programs and spreads throughout all other aspects of school life, helping our students to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and character. 

In Parents' Words:

All people who seek to know truth learn God’s truth whether they realize it or not, but at TOCA my children hear every day that the things they are studying are the creation and revelation of God. They see that all things exist under his feet and are to be studied in light of that fact. They are taught and loved by people whose eyes have seen and ears have heard the good news of Jesus Christ, who is God become flesh, crucified, buried, risen, and returning. They are learning to submit their days, their efforts, and their desires to the creator and sustainer of all things. This, to me, is the value of Christian education. 

In the words of TOCA Alumni:

The Bible classes gave me the tools I need to continue to learn and study my Bible on my own, so that I may always be growing in my faith and glorifying God.