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Our STEM curriculum is designed to help students build foundational fluencies in basic engineering, design and construction. STEM classes help students develop problem-solving skills while teaching them to think critically as they work through and solve problems. STEM also fosters creativity and fosters a growth mindset within students.

Our early elementary students use basic shapes to create 3-dimensional models. In second grade, students build upon their skills to help them understand scientific principles like force, motion and gravity. Second-graders complete a bridge building unit where they learn all about different types of bridges and then each team builds one of the bridges we studied.

Third and fourth graders work on basic engineering skills. Here, students are challenged to build models that can perform specific tasks. Students design and work with a robot that is remote controlled to drive and perform functions using a motor module. In fourth grade, students begin computer programming, where they learn to use software to write a basic program that can then be uploaded to the robot, so it will move accordingly!

Our STEM program is growing every year and our students are motivated to learn and challenge themselves to think on a whole new level!